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Warby Working Dogs provides working dog team training with classes for groups as well as individuals. WWD offers different classes:

  • Puppy/Dog Selection: Assist in the proper selection of dogs. This will assist clients with selecting the right dog for the purpose it is intended for.
  • Puppy Basics: This class is used to teach dogs the basic commands, as well socialization skills. This course will have an introductory explanation of proper communication techniques. (AKC Star Puppy if puppy is ready).
  • Puppy Socialization: This class gives puppies additional skills in socialization to prepare for life as a working dog. A variety of new locations will be presented in this course.
  • Foundation Skills: The goal of this class is to have dog teams learn the foundations of skills for a specific job. (odor detection, shed hunting, blood tracking, area search, building and vehicle search, water search, trailing and obedience) This course assist teams to understand and create solid foundations in the skill it works toward mastery of.
  • Beyond Basic Foundations: Continued foundation skills of the specific skill, If age appropriate and if ready, the dog will also be assessed in the American Kennel Club's (AKC) Canine Good Citizen Test. This course will offer an intermediate level of communication techniques.
  • Advanced skill development: The goal of this class to work on advanced problems, added distractions, and increased variables to work the canine team to the limits and be field ready. There is a strong emphasis on team training where the handler and the dog work together to problem solve. This course will offer advanced communication techniques.
  • WWD specialty courses based on needs of handlers
  • Canine selection
  • Canine behavior
  • CPR/First Aid
  • scent theory in varied environments
  • Dog nutrition and care
  • Courtroom preparation and report writing
  • Objective based training.
  • Starters program: WWD will start your pup/dog in the specific area of interest.

  • The courses will also detail different types of canine social behavior as well as body language, providing the pet owner with insight into ways in which the pet is trying to communicate with them.
  • WWD has a series of training certificates from course completion to specific skill assessments iareas. WWD will help handlers select the right canine for thie job. WWD can also assist you with taking National Certification Test in some areas and will align you with evaluators.
  • "Return the hunter to the field" program will work with hunters, with a documented disability, to select and train a working dog to assist in the field moreso than a normal hunting dog.. This is handled on a limited basis with needs of canine and its expenses to be paid for through donations before soliciting applications to the program. 

WWD will assist you in finding excellent 

breeders that will produce the right dog.

No WWD Beginners Available at this time

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